Day Trips

Leave All The Planning To Us!

What could be better than enjoying the small pleasures of a great bike ride, a delicious picnic, and good conversation along the way?

*Guest enjoying a scenic point and leisurely ride.

*Starting August 26, 2017, we will be providing custom trips only – please give us a call to schedule a trip for your group!

Example Guided Day Trip:

Boulder Junction to St. Germain (Approx. 26 miles)

This is an awesome way to spend a day in the North! Come and join us and fellow active adventurers for a fully-supported, all-inclusive day trip on one of the best sections of the Heart of Vilas County Bike Trail. This is a leisurely trip designed for all abilities to enjoy at their own pace. The trip includes shuttle, guided trail support, gourmet picnic lunch, snacks, a variety of beverages, and souvenir water bottle.

Bring your bike or rent one of ours. We meet in St. Germain at 8:45 am, shuttle to the start just West of Boulder Junction, and work our way back by midafternoon (6-7 hours total depending on your pace). You’ll have a great day on the trail and still be back in time to relax at your evening engagements.

One guide will support you on the trail while another will provide van support. You will see the van every few miles at quaint towns, scenic pull outs, and points of interest. Stow your personal items in the van where it is safe and available for you along the way. If needed, the van is there for you and your bike to climb aboard.

Trip Itinerary (Times and Distances are Approximate)


8:45 am, Meet at St. Germain Chamber/Trail Parking Lot (corner of Hwy 155 and 70) to load bikes. Departure by 9 am.

Shuttle to start point just West of Boulder Junction.

Greetings, short orientation, bike fitting/safety, trip itinerary.

2 mile ride from trip start point to Boulder Junction where you will see the van at the Boulder Junction Chamber 2 blocks south of town on the trail. You can make any early adjustments to bike or gear, and have time to walk a few shops or art galleries in town.

4 mile ride to Cathedral Point on Trout Lake at the WI DNR Headquarters where you can join us for a short scenic hike. The van will be out at the point. Riding out to the van adds about 2 miles to your day.

7 mile ride to our lunch spot at beautiful Crystal Lake State Park.


12:00-1:00ish Crystal Lake State Park – Eat, wade in the water, and relax on the sandy shores of pristine, motor-less Crystal Lake. There is also a small nature center here to visit. Lunch will be picnic style with a variety of deli meats, cheeses, local fresh bread, greens, fruits, veggies (local and/or organic when available), hummus, sides, plus all the fixings to go along… and of course… something for dessert! You won’t go away hungry!


4 miles to Sayner. If you really did not get enough to eat, there is an ice cream shop at the Corner Store along the way. In Sayner, you can stop to shop or tour the Vilas County Historical Museum (open until 2pm), the van will be here.

9 miles is the final leg from Sayner to St. Germain. You will see the van about half way for any final needs. Then, it’s back where we started in St. Germain to return bikes, get gear out of the van, and say farewell. We hope to provide you an enjoyable day and that you meet some new folks along the way!

NOTE: Customize your own group trip! Pick your trail, own distance, start/end location or day/time. Contact us to discuss your idea and get a free quote.

Day Trip Operating Season

Customized trips – call us to schedule a fall colors tour!

Monthly Schedule

Starting Aug. 26, 2017: Trips customized for you! Give us a call 715-605-2034

Rates & Registration 

  • $64 per person 14+ years, your bike and helmet
  • $84 per person 14+ includes rental bike and helmet
  • $55 per person 13 years and under (must bring own bike and helmet)


On The Go NORTH will make every effort to run the trip as scheduled. We will still run the trip if the weather is not “perfect”  However, On The Go NORTH does reserve the right to cancel the trip for any reason. We will notify you by 6pm on the evening prior to the trip of any cancellation.

If YOU CANCEL OR DO NOT SHOW for any reason, there are NO REFUNDS!  If you do not want to risk this happening, we suggest you wait to register until you are 100% confident of your schedule and the weather forecast. However, if you wait too long, you risk the space limitation of the trip.

If On The Go NORTH cancels the trip for any reason, you will receive credit to join another 2017 trip.  If you decide not to join another 2017 trip, then you will be refunded your payment, EXCEPT for the non-refundable processing fee.


I am not sure if I can ride 26 miles in the timeframe of the day trip? 

We believe you can! The Heart of Vilas Trail is paved and generally flat.  Even at leisurely pace of 8-10 mph, you will cover the morning half of the trip in about 1.5 hours.  This leaves you time to take breaks when you need them and even enjoy optional stops at shops or scenic points.  If you really find you cannot finish the trip or need a boost up the trail, we’ll pick you and your bike up with the van!  Give it a try!  We’re here to make a day like this possible and fun!

What should I bring?

There is room for you to have a small bag in the van if you like. Please wear clothing and closed toe shoes (e.g., sneakers) that are comfortable to ride in and appropriate for the forecast. Pants should be tight fitting along the calves and ankle to avoid interference with the gears. Layers of clothing work best. A light jacket or rain gear may be needed. We will have a variety of beverages, snacks, and lunch. You should bring personal items you think you may want, such as camera, sunscreen, bug spray, sunglasses and medications.  If you are using one of our rental bikes, they have a handlebar bag that you can stow a few light items. 

Do we have to stay together as a group?

It’s up to you. It’s your day to enjoy the ride the way you wish: if you want to ride in a group with the guide, please do; if you want to ride alone, talk to the guide so we can keep you and the group within a reasonable distance of each other (for logistical reasons).  If you stick with the guide, you will learn about the local community, history, and ecosystems.

I have food allergies or special diet – can I get a lunch suitable for me?

Yes, just let us know how we can accommodate you.

Will the trip happen if it is raining?

We can’t control the weather. We make every effort to run the trip and we will run the trip rain or shine, warm or cold, windy or still.  If On The Go NORTH decides the weather is hazardous, the trip may be cancelled. On The Go NORTH will notify you by 6pm the night before the trip if it is cancelled. You will receive credit to join another 2017 trip. If you decide not to join another 2017 trip, then you will be refunded your payment, EXCEPT for the non-refundable processing fee (~6%).

What if I get a flat tire or have a mechanical problem?

No worries, we will help you out. We have tools and supplies to repair flats on our rental bikes. If you are on your own bike please have a spare tube suitable for your size tire, as we cannot guarantee that we have the right supplies for each personal bike.  We will make every effort to help you out.  If not, we can always load you and your bike in our van and trailer.

I will be shuttling with my kids – do you have car seats in your van?

A limited number of back-less booster seats are available at no charge. Infant car seats are NOT available, but we may be able to accommodate yours. Please let us know if you need car seats when making your reservation.

Can you shuttle tandems or fat tire bikes?

Yes, we can shuttle one tandem, as well as fat tire bikes, trail-a-bikes, and kiddie trailers. At this time, we cannot safely shuttle recumbents.

What if the weather changes while I am on the trail and it is not safe to ride back to my car?

We have trail support – we’ll pick you and your bike up with our van and trailer. You can ride in the van until it is safe to cycle again.